"Life is a Journey to be Experienced!"

Jenay A.., based in the continental U.S., shares how travel and powerful energies meet during her explorations. Check it out below!

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What inspired you to travel?

I was very intrigued by globes and maps as a child (still am!). I would tell myself when I got older I would go out into the world and experience it all— meet the people, hear the language(s), learn the history of the land, eat the food...

My love for travel really ignited in 2015 after my mother passed away; I embarked on my own Eat, Pray, Love journey of self-discovery. 

Blessed enough, I found that I feel most connected to my mother’s energy when I travel.

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What did you learn about love through travel? 

Solo travel taught me how to push through fear and showed me how courageous I could be. It taught me how to trust myself and that if I got quiet enough, I would get the answers I need.  God is Love and that energy exists right within me.  

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What was your favorite trip and why? 

My first solo trip to Sedona, Arizona (known for its majestic red rocks and natural energy vortexes) was my favorite. I rented a cabin inside the Grand Canyon for two days (what a breathtaking masterpiece!), and learned about the Havasupai Tribe who have lived in the Grand Canyon for at least 800 years! This trip was very spiritual for me, and I plan to make the journey back many more times. 

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What is a travel tip you would share with others?

Just go! Plan ahead but also leave room for magic. 

I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes from Winnie the Pooh,  “Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved” 

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