Our Story

Hey TraveLover, 

I founded TraveLoveGo for the everyday person who is inspired to travel. The love of travel isn’t just for celebrity influencers, people with loads of vacation time, or even tons of money.

With that vision, I personally design a collection of quality and affordable travel apparel for you to feel a sense of community and comfort when you’re out wandering the world. From our TraveLove tees to our TraveLover features, TraveLoveGo was designed with you in mind. I want to bring you clothing that you can’t wait to wear to your next destination – clothing that gets people noticing your gear – and clothing that inspires others to join the movement.

I believe that every person can explore this beautiful world and experience love while doing it. Shop TraveLoveGo knowing that you’re part of a community of travelers, and you have the power to inspire.

Travel is love; go for it!

~Chanelle, Founder of TraveLoveGo