Love is So Universal That It Resonates Everywhere!

This week’s #FridayFeature is James A.: @zoroj22

James, based in the United States, shares his travel journey, along with some tips for how to explore the world without breaking your pockets. Check it out below!

 Man sitting in old school car in Havana Cuba

What inspired you to travel? 

From my first flight to Miami at 16 years old, to annually visiting Miami, I hungered for more sightseeing, food, and culture. Then, when I got my passport, I started seeing more of the world and kept adding to my bucket list. 

How did you experience love through travel? 

Love is so universal that it resonates everywhere! Crazy when you see love spread throughout the roof through food, and dance, and even through polite conversation at a random hostel in Spain or Italy. 

 Man leaning on wall in Paris, France, with Eiffel Tower in the background, clouds covering the top of the tower.

What is a travel tip you would share with others? 

Do NOT say next year! Keep $20-30 dollars aside a week and go on that trip this year! It’s not that expensive. And check Google for the cheapest flights that month!

What bonus info would you like to share with our TraveLovers? 

You don’t always have to go the expensive route. Stay at that hostel, AirBnB, or take friends to split the costs of accommodations, car rentals, etc. 

How many countries have you visited?  To date, I have seen 16 countries. 

Where is your next trip? My next trip would have to be Hawaii, but my next country is going to be somewhere in Asia: Thailand, Singapore, and the Phillipines. 

Man in Santorini, Greece in front of blue domed church

What was your favorite country and why? I would have to say Spain, the city of Barcelona. Everyone I met on the three tours I went there were friendly! The food was amazing and lodging at a hostel was new and fun. Also, they seem to have life down pat. They take naps mid day and live within their means; people aren’t always in a rush and everyone isn’t trying to make huge money. Such a comfortable living there that I really appreciate.

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