Loving Myself and Loving the World through Travel!

Every Friday, we feature the travel story of a different TraveLover. Our first #FridayFeature is TraveLoveGo’s founder, Chanelle Wilson!

Smiling woman jumping in front of Hakuna Matata sign, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Standing in front of Eiffel Tower, Paris France, and a Long-tail Boat in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

What inspired you to travel?

Travel saved my life and restored my hope. My first solo trip, in 2016, showed me just how self-sufficient I could be, and it also showed me that I didn’t have to wait. I didn’t need permission. I didn't have to save tons of money. I could be bold, and outgoing, and adventurous, but most of all fearless. I became hooked afterward, and there was nothing that could hold me back.

What did you learn about love through travel? 

I chose TraveLoveGo, because travel (mostly solo) helped me to love myself a whole lot more. It also helped me to love the world and have a deeper appreciation for God’s creations. I have gotten to meet so many people, from different places, walks of life, and I learned to love something about each of them. I now have friends all over the world. To date, I’ve traveled to 40+ countries, and I have no intentions of slowing down.

What is a travel tip you would share with others?

GO FOR IT! So many people dream of traveling and love the idea of it, but many rarely step out on faith and just go for it. Book that flight - travel with friends or alone - find a place you can afford and don’t let anything stand in your way. Get out there and see the world - you will not regret it. 

Bonus Info:

How many countries have you visited? I’ve visited 42 countries, so far - most of which were in the past 4 years. 

Where is your next trip? The trips I have planned right now are to Jamaica, Hawaii, and Brazil.

What was your favorite country and why? My favorite country was South Africa. I would actually live there, long-term, if the opportunity ever arose. Technically, this was my very first solo trip, but I didn’t think of it as such because I would be living there for some time. I arrived with no place to live, no cell phone, and no direct connections, but I made the most of the experience. I lived in Port Elizabeth for 10 months, on a J. William Fulbright grant, and I had the opportunity to travel all around South Africa, the countries around it, and within. I loved the people, the variety of cultures and cuisines, and access to the beaches, mountains, plains, and safaris.

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