One Bag for Two Weeks Turned into 8 Months!

This Friday, we feature the travel story of TraveLover, CoCo! Read on to learn from her experience traveling to Zanzibar, Tanzania. With roots in Somalia and London, England, you'll be surprised to find out where life has taken her. 


What inspired you to travel? Searching for and finding peace of mind inspired me to travel.

What have you learned through travel? I’ve learnt a lot about myself and I've learnt in the process. I've become more patient, more humble, and I let things go. I initially came to Zanzibar, Tanzania, for two weeks, with one bag, and I’ve been for 8 months, now. I've been so happy; it shows I don't need the external things.

What is a travel tip you would share with others?  I would say “Just Do It;” don’t second guess yourself - the moment is now.

Bonus Info:

How many countries have you visited? 27 countries, 

Where is your next trip?  I’m heading to Turkey, Istanbul next!

What was your favorite country and why? My fav trips have been Bali & LA.  It was a girls trip, and I had such an amazing time meeting people from all walks of life. My fav place, right now, is Zanzibar because of the culture and it’s beauty.

What's something you would like people to know? Well, I have my own sea moss wholesaling company and traveling has helped me to grow that business, along with learning so much more about it, especially in Zanzibar. Check out CoCo's Instagram at

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