"Traveling Fulfills It All!"

Sasha, @_ahsas - hailing from Jamaica, but now based in the continental U.S., shares how travel brings her peace, escape, and fulfillment. Check it out below!   

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What inspired you to travel?

So many things inspired me to travel. I love the cultural aspect of meeting new people and seeing their way of life. I also like to get away from my everyday life and decompress, so traveling brings me that escape. Making new memories with my close friends/family is a bonus. It's like we are growing together in each destination we land.

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What is a travel tip you would share?

My biggest travel tip is traveling COST. You must be prepared for emergencies. I always bring a certain amount of money with the intention of not spending it all, but if emergencies arise I am prepared for it. Being in a different country, anything can happen, and you don’t want to be stranded. Another tip is to be careful who you travel with because that impacts how your trip will turn out. Since I mostly go on vacation to escape my day to day life, I’ve learnt I have to be around people that bring me peace. Don’t be afraid of taking solo trips or having that one travel partner. 

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What else would you like to share? 

I’ve visited over 20 cities/countries and I have so much more to see! I literally plan a trip in my head everyday. I just went to the Bahamas a week ago, and I plan on going back in August.. I typically revisit places I love. My favorite place is Jamaica and not only because it’s home for me, but I have yet to experience another culture like it. I am never bored; it brings me party, life, and relaxation. And let’s not get into the food!

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How do you navigate home/work life and travel?

I bring work with me most trips (I barely get much done though lol). Paid Time Off will not stop my travel life, but luckily I have a job that’s flexible enough to go anywhere I do. And, I think because traveling has become one of my greatest loves, whatever career path God leads me to must give me the time to travel. I am ultimately blessed to see pictures of somewhere and be there shortly after. I love planning also, so traveling fulfills it all!

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