"Traveling is the Fastest Way to Learn!"

Xavier K.., based in the continental U.S., shares how travel fused his love for learning with his passion for travel. Check it out below!

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His Inspiration

I love to learn, and I think traveling is the fastest way to do this. I have the ability to learn so much about people, culture, cuisines, and so much more by spending only a few days in a new place. I think learning from experience is the best way to learn, and I think everyone should travel to gain these experiences.

What did he learn about love through travel? 

I would say the number one thing is that love is very fluid and can be found in many things. Before traveling I wasn’t so much of an outdoorsy or foodie person. But after [traveling], I found so much to love about being outdoors or sharing a meal with people. For love in people I would say  discovering cultural backgrounds is something that has grown my connection deeper with my relationships.

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How did Xavier experience love through travel?

I traveled with loved ones, and I fell in love while traveling at points. I think being open to love is how you truly get to experience this.

Some of Xavier’s travel tips include:

  1. Explore the culture of the places you are traveling
  2. Stay on the path of touristy things but also know when to go off and do something not so explored
  3. Google flights are typically the cheapest
  4. Have an open mind & have fun
  5. Learn what you like/love/hate (just learn more about you!)

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How many places has he visited?

So far Xavier has been to 48 out the 50 states in America. He plans to visit his last two (Hawaii and Alaska) this summer. He has also visited all 7 Wonders of the World and traveled to 6 continents, but notes “I have no clue how many countries I’ve visited 😅”

What was your favorite place out of everywhere you’ve visited? 

I don’t have a favorite country, I think all the countries I’ve been to have a thing that’s specific to it that makes it my favorite for that category. 

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